Circulars & Office Orders for Finance

Sl No. Publish Date Title Downloads
1 14.06.2024 Suggestion on the guiding principles for Comprehensive Ecological Restoration of the degraded forest and non-forest lands
2 13.03.2024 Considering prevailing minimum wage rates while preparing estimates as per S.O.R. regarding
3 30.01.2024 Required documents regarding approval of individual tender
4 16.03.2021 No: 1859/WBSFDA/EB&GB/2021 - Order related to receiving any fund through WBSFDA - PCCF & HoFF, West Bengal
5 28.01.2021 Circular for monthly minimum rates of wages
6 02.01.2020 Implement the plantation works directly
7 02.12.2019 Office Order No: 33/SO/P & S(P)/2019 - Monitoring of expenditure of Forest Directorate - PCCF, General, West Bengal
9 12.04.2018 New regulations of WBSFDA
10 18.05.2018 No: 50-Misc/P & S(P)/2018-Maintenance of accounts and submission of performance reports and utilization certificates for the funds received under Grants-in-Aid and/or from other agencies - PCCF & HoFF, West Bengal
11 11.06.2018 O.O. No: 60-MISC/STC/18 - Order for streamline the tendering process in the Forest Directorate and to comply with the various laws governing the tender procedure, to facilitate on-time publication of tender notice - PCCF, HoFF, West Bengal
12 25.06.2018 No: 2000/WBSFDA/EB & GB/2018 - Order for funds proposed to be deposited with WBSFDA, should have a clearance from this office - PCCF & HoFF, West Bengal