Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Head of Forest Force (HoFF) West Bengal is the administrative head of the Forest Directorate.

Applications / Forms

Subject Downloads
Application for Leave West Bengal From No.2395
Application Form for grant of LTC advance
Application For Reimbursement Of Children Education Allowance
Application of Leave
Applicatioon for Encashment of Earned Leave for LTC purpose claimed for the Block Year
Enclosure to F.D. Memo No. 5535-F dated 26.05.1995 Application Form for the Purchase of Personal Computer Motor Car
FORM C Application Form for settlement of claim for reimbursement of W.B. Health Scheme (See sub-clause(1) of clause 12) (To be filled in by the applicant)
FORM FC - 2 Application for seeking prior permission of the Central Government to accept foreign hospitality.
Form of application for claiming refund of medical expenses incurred in connection with medical attendance and or treatment of members of the IASIPSWBHJS and their families.
Mandatory daily report to be sent by DFOs by e-mail
Monthly Review Report Format to be compiled by the Circle-in-Charge and sent in .doc format by e-mail
Performance Appraisal Report for IFS Officer Other than PCCF & ADDL PCCF FORM I
Performance Appraisal Report for IFS Officers for PCCF & Addl. PCCF FORM II
Performance Appraisal Report form of WBFS officers
Proforma For Political Clearance (NO.EWD280608)
T.R. (FORM NO. 22) [See sub-rule (2) of T.R. 4.104]