Project Completion Report Book of JICA
Survey Monitoring Report, West Bengal - 2018-2019
Survey Monitoring Report South Bengal (State Plan) - 2017-18
Survey Monitoring Report - 2018-19 - Plantation under West Bengal Forest & Biodiversity Conservation Project
Survey Monitoring Report - 2017-18 - West Bengal Forest & Biodiversity Conservation Project Plantation
Estimation and Mapping of The Soil Nutrient Status In Various Forest Compartments of North Bengal Plains
Evaluation of the existing Seed Stands and Seed Production Areas (SPA) of major forest trees under the Forest Directorate, West Bengal
Planting stock improvement programme through selection of Plus trees of Target Species and Evaluation of the Standing Plus Trees and Candidate Plus Trees
Long Term Monitoring of Forest Vegetation Diversity in West Bengal: Establishment and Profiling of Monitoring Plots
Validation/standardization of various parameters in the Tall seedling protocol
Tree improvement programme of Teak
Tree improvement programme in Acacia auriculiformis
South Bengal Forest Carbon
E-Monitoring of plantation & RMD Archive (Web application & anroid mobile application)
Project report on inoculation of Agarwood
Mapping on Soil Nutrition
Floristic and Avian Survey of Forest areas of South and North West Bengal
Ecology of Elephants (Elephas Maximus) in North Bengal
Ecology of Gaur (Bos gaurus) in North Bengal
Impact of habitat management practices
Leopard (Panthera Pardus) Ecology in North Bengal
Baseline Survey of Forest Resources of West Bengal July, 2017
Ecology of elephant (Elephas maximus) in South-West Bengal
South Bengal project report
Annual Administrative Report 2019-20
Banabithi Banomahotsav Issue July 2020
Annual Administrative Report 2018-19
Annual Administrative Report 2017-18
Banabithi Wildlife Issue 2018
Decentralized People's Nursery
Zoo News
Redeployment of Executive Establishment of Forest Directorate
Arayaner Aain
Annual Administrative Report 2016-2017
Banabithi Banamahotsab July 2018
Banabithi Banamahotsab July 2017
150 years of Forestry in West Bengal Total Compilation
Banabithi Banamahotsab July 2014
Banabithi Banamahotsab July 2013
Banabithi Banamahotsab Issue July 2019
Banabithi November 2015
Banabithi October 2014 Final
Banabithi Wild Life 2013
Banabithi Wildlife December 2013
Banabithi Wildlife Issue, December 2018
Ban O Panchyat Final
Bengal Forest Brochure 2014 Milestones in Forestry
Annual Administrative Report 2015-2016
State Report of West Bengal on UNDP CCF II Report
The West Bengal Forest Manual Part-I
Nursery and Plantations of West Bengal
Schedule of Rates
Annual Administrative Report 2019-20