The West Bengal Pulpwood Development Corporation Ltd., a joint Sector company was incorporated as a limited Company with share holding pattern of 50:50 partnership between Titagarh Paper Mills Ltd. in the year 1982 with an authorized share capital as per Memorandum of Article of Association amounting to rupees 3 (Three) crores.

Details of Directors / Key managerial personnel

The Company has six Directors

Sri Hiten Barman

Sri Debasish Goswami

Sri Siddhartha Barari, IFS

Sri Debal Ray, IFS

Sri Niraj Singhal, IFS

Dr. Rabindra Pal Saini, IFS

Activity of the Company

To raise Pulpwood plantation in non forest land for creation of resource for supply of pulpwood to Paper Industries.

Financial Result during 2017-18

By sale of Pulpwood Plantation over 49.08 ha. 49,37,951/-

Income from Bank interest 29,95,914/- Total 79,33,865/-


Maintenance of older Plantation over 105 ha. 4,04,968/-

Net Loss

18,28,296/-(A per Audited Balance Sheet)

Staff Strength

Total Permanent staff at resent is 8 Nos.

Ministerial staff - 5No.

Peon - 2No.

Rakha - 1No.