Bengal Nature Trails

Civilized people around the globe, stressed and tired find wilderness for respite. Nature is an excellent teacher for the willing and enthusiasts where you can get away from the frenzy, professional exhaustion or personal debacle, unwind and come back relaxed. It is a superb way to explore, work around individual or team limits and far away from the daily grind, amidst nature. ‘Trekking’ is perhaps the best ‘eco-friendly’ way to enjoy the wilderness. Trekking/Hiking is not only recreational; it is a taste of living in the wild, even if only for a few hours.

Walk through the forests and terrain of

West Bengal offers us great opportunity to learn about the intricacies of local environment including peoples’ involvement in conserving and protecting the eco-system. This activity helps the team to mingle with each other, help each other through while traversing the path of the trails. Trekking not only involves moving through the track, it also allows the trekkers to gather knowledge about the peoples’ culture and lifestyle, flora and fauna of the area, local cuisine, ethnicity, geographical features and many others. One will feel a great pleasure with nature and oneself. A total body mind and soul experience!

The views change with the seasons, whether it is the cycle of planting and harvesting or the brilliant displays of wild flowers in spring and autumn.

Safety of visitors, available camping facility, availability of food & water, forest infrastructures available, presence of nearby villages, nearest vehicle access points, local weather condition, and best season to visit, charges involved for entry & hiring guides etc. have been considered while identifying and designing these routes to be opened for the trekkers

These all trips are wonderful, which also ways of showing awareness towards the nature, educating us to the importance of preserving nature for future generations.