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W.B.Forest Produce Transit Rules,1955

» W.B. Forest Produce Transit Rules, 1955

» Designation of repositories

» Notification S.O. 753(E)

» Notification S.O. 1146(E)

» 2708 Authorisation under the Act

» G.O. on creation of DFO for Purba Medinipur

» G.O. on renaming of Forest Divisions & creation of Purba Medinipur Forest Division

» FPC Resolution for the district of Nadia & Mursidibad No. 2340 For Dt. 14.07.04

» FPC Resolution for the district of Nadia, Uttar Dinajpur & Dakshin Dinajpur No. 2731 For Dt. 16.08.04

» FPC Resolution for the Districts of North Bengal Plains ( i.e. Jalpaiguri , Cooch Behar and Darjeeling ) No. 2756 For Dt. 17.08.04

» FPC Resolution for the areas covering the Sundarbans No. 2758 For Dt. 17.08.04

» FPC Resolution for the district of South West Bengal ( i.e. East Midnapore , West Midnapore , Bankura, Purulia, Bardhaman and Birbhum No. 2759 For Dt. 17.08.04

» FPC Resolution for the areas covering Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council areas No. 2757 For Dt. 17.08.04

» Authorisation of Forest Officer under Biodiversity Act

State Vig.Comm No.1993-V dt 11.7.14 Enquiry officers

PCCF HoFF OO No.02-SO dt 27.3.14 garden cadre

PMC No.9854 dt 24.2.14 departmental proceedings

SPIO for office of HoFF order No.27-PGLI

Declaration of assets by FG Order No.63-PMC

FCRA form for foreign visit

Training compliance report O.O. 77-S-PMC dt 17 Dec 2014

Leave application O.O.204-PMC dt 17 Dec 2014

Form AIS medical attendence rules

Form for purchase of computer, car

Issue of ordinary passport to the employees

LTC airfare

Name change sweeper jamadar posts

Political clearance form

Power of DFO to suspend dt 26.7.74

Reimbursement of Medical Expenses under AIS(Medical Attendance) Rules, 1954

P&S order No.69 dt 16.8.2013 plantation checking

PCCF order No.03 dt.8.1.2014 daily case diary

PCCF order No.07-SO dt 10.7.2014 monthly & daily monitoring forms

PCCF order No.30 dt 9.4.13 checking of bills under WBHS2008

PCCF order No.70 dt 29.8.2013 redeployment of GrD

PCCF order No.85 dt 6.12.2013 staff attendence at Aranya Bhavan

PCCF order No.89 dt 26.11.2013 Biannual status report

PMC order No.09-SO dt.28.11.2014 HC post creation

PMC order No.12-SO dt 25.7.2011 tournote & daily diary

PMC order No.18 dt 3.3.2014

PMC order No.5 dt 19.7.2013 BTR GrD

Memo No.1318-PAR(AR) dt 24Nov2014

Memo No.1275-PAR(AR) dt 13Nov2014

PMC No.6575 Dt. 30/10/2014

Procurement of Digital Signature Certificate

RT Network Order

AIS Medical Reimbursement Order

PMC No.5463 dt 16.9.14 increment to CDL


Finance 6191 dt 8.12.14

Finance Memo-1853 dt 2.3.2012

Orders Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme, 2014

PCCF HoFF O.O No.64 dt 9.10.14 Complaints Committee under Vishakha guidelines

PMC No.5287 dt 11.9.14 PAR submission

Results Forest Sports Meet Goa 2014

PWD vetting of estimates

1177-F dt 28.2.14 tender

175-F dt 9.1.14 amendment WBSR

2169-F DFPR for Office Rent order dt 13.3.13

2254-F dt 24.4.14 amendment of WBFR

3626-FY dt 10.7.14

3789-FY dt 21.7.14 printing press

3790-FY dt 21.7.14

3814-FY dt 22.7.14 minimum time tender

4198-F dt 27.5.13 DFPR AMC computers

4905-FY dt 17.9.14 ePradan

4941-FP dt 19.9.14

4956-FY dt 19.9.14 WBCCA Rules amendment

7223-F dt 21.9.2006 cleaning office equipment rates

8860-F dt 17.12.13 scanner cleaning rates

8902-F dt 19.12.13 housekeeping services

WBS Recruitment of FR Rules 2014 notification

WBFS Recruitment & Training Rules 2014 notification

2516-W dt 19.6.2014 vehicle lights

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